About: Mudita's vision and goals

Mudita, a small business specialized in Intercultural Communication, aims to offer a different angle on diversity: our goal is to provide learners with a better understanding of what "culture" truly means, of how cultural diversity influences each and every interaction in today's globalized environment.

"The whys before the hows": Mudita's beliefs and priorities.

“Spoon feeding in the long run teaches us nothing but the shape of the spoon.”

- E.M. Forster - 


What makes us special? Our unique approach to teaching about workplace dynamics: our goal is to help learners understand the "Whys", so that they can work on the "Hows" with a deep understanding of what makes people tick across different societies.

Since every workplace is different, we cannot promise that our courses will provide blanket solutions to individual challenges: our commitment is to equip our students with the tools to implement the best strategies for their businesses, with the well-being and the prosperity of their people in mind. 

We believe that:

- long-lasting, successful relationships are only possible between parties who understand each other's mentality, driving factors, and core values;

- "business culture" is a reflection of national culture and it is prone to ethnocentrism;
- it is not possible to understand how people behave in the workplace while being oblivious to the principles that drive them through their daily life;
- "Everyone speaks English" is no guarantee of effective communication: misunderstandings are common occurrences between people who speak the same language but don't share the same cultural references. There's language, and then there's context: understanding context requires familiarity with social norms, dictated by one's culture.

Mudita doesn't work FOR learners, Mudita works WITH learners on building organic knowledge and understanding around the complexities of human behavior.

A short guide to the role and influence of national culture on business practices and corporate culture.

What challenges do organizations face in an increasingly globalized place? Can knowledge and understanding of basic concepts and social conventions be assumed across different societies? Can uniformity and consistency of results be achieved in situations that involve stakeholders who don't share similar values, beliefs, and priorities? 

Mudita's learning program is designed to help learners overcome cultural diversity challenges in the workplace: please check the guide attached for a brief overview of the cultural dimensions object of our courses.

The role and influence of national culture on business practices and corporate culture.pdf

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Loved the content and the lessons.

by Duygu Kayhan, Toros Koleji şirketinde English Language Teacher/ Freelance Author / Content Editor AFS'99 (LinkedIn review)

Congratulations!! I took the course myself and loved the content and the lessons.. and links for further reading is amazing, too.. I will gladly share!

I felt like I learnt so many things in just 40 minutes!

by Anita Agostini, Marketing Assistant & Project Coordinator (LinkedIn review)

Hi Maria Antonietta, I've taken the course during my lunch break and loved it! All the lessons were concise and straightforward. I appreciated all the extra material linked: I felt like I learnt so many things in just 40 minutes! Congratulations on your first course on your website, looking forward to the next ones.

It is an excellent little course.

by Pauline Harley, Career Coach (LinkedIn testimonial)

I completed the course Introduction to Intercultural Communication on Mudita Consultancy online learning platform, Hands up I had to retake the quiz three times to solidify the learning in it so I can use it to my benefit in my life and work. It is an excellent little course. The wording, imagery and design of it all flow effortlessly. The use of the quotes at the beginning of each module is brilliant. It sets the stage and expectations for the learning and the context in it. I highly recommend as a taster introduction to this area to broaden our perspectives in our roles and business. Well done Maria.

Awesome introduction!

by Alessia Blasi, Senior Compliance Training Specialist (Level 3) at PayPal, Int.Dip.(AML), MICA (Thinkific review)

I really enjoyed this introductory course: it was short but full of interesting concepts and cool tidbits that helped driving the message home! I definitely recommend it and I am looking forward to future courses!